Introduction to #WriteSaidFeb

I’m taking part in #WriteSaidFeb this month because I want to get into the habit of writing more often, which sounds weird when you consider I write as a freelancer but what I mean to do is make improvements in my writing academically, even if it’s just in a word count to start with.
I have consumed so much information in the last few months and yet the literature review remains an almost bare plan. Progress has been made on so many fronts but my plans to get the literature review started properly have been in the planning stage for longer than I am comfortable leaving anything.
I’m really proud of everything I have achieved so far as part of my PhD and I feel that this aspect of my PhD could do with some valuable tlc to feel more confident in justifying my existence (dramatic I know). I just don’t want this to sit on my to-do-list forever, certainly this time next month I do not want to see ‘Start lit review properly’ on the remaining items.
‘Progress, not perfection’ will be my motto this month as I aim to bat 5k words out of the park during the month.
I’m eight days into the month and I haven’t made a start yet, so who knows if this will actually work out! Cross your fingers for me and hopefully I will be able to give you a happy update soon!
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