PhD Blogs – January Blues

This month has absolutely flown by at an alarming rate!
It has almost made me panic.
However, this month has been a matter of slowing down and reflecting on what work I have started, what promises I have made to myself and other people and how I can manage my workflow successfully alongside a happy work/life balance.
I’m in the process of starting my literature review – starting with the first 5k words as part of #WriteSaidFeb at this point I want to get what is stored in my head down on paper so it makes sense to others and I justify my place in my field by demonstrating the gaps in research. I’ll be writing a full blog on it later!
I have completed my first application specification document and I am in the process of writing several research proposals.
I’ve bought a new laptop (it’s light and swanky and I no longer have to lug around an actual beast of an old faithful laptop), this is bound to improve my workflow as my old laptop had been letting me down for a while. Expensive but necessary evil.
I’ve written over 50 blogs in various freelancing jobs and I am slowly adding them to my portfolio on here! I’m trying not to spam you with content that is not necessarily interesting to you! Though I am enjoying writing about sustainable energy and bio-fuels at the moment. You will see those being added as I go I guess.
I’ve been an exam invigilator (much easier than I thought), I will be doing the same again next week for an exam or two.
I’ve written a couple of pieces for the University of Huddersfield Academic blog and PGR page, those shall be up shortly! I’ve also started multiple online courses to extend my knowledge of computing and engineering so I don’t feel quite as intimidated by experts in my field (lets see if that works).
And on a personal note I adventured around Oslo for a last minute adventure! Beautiful place and I actually enjoyed it quite a lot! Would definitely go again in future as it is just beautiful beyond belief in the snow.
There’s even more things coming up this month that give me reason to be excited but I will reveal more in the next blog! It’s been a great month and I don’t actually think I have been happier.
Maybe if I lost a bit of weight but who doesn’t have that on their after Christmas wishlist? I’ve been starting back on the keto diet to shed the pounds.
Hope you are having a great month too.
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