This month I talked at a PGR Induction Day, this was a great way to introduce new students to the ropes and give them guidance I wish I had when I started my PhD (not that I lacked in guidance – just things I have learnt along the way)

After that, unfortunately, I suffer massive health complications due to a minor surgery. Everything goes quite bad, quite quickly and I end up in the hospital several times in a matter of days.  For nearly 3 weeks I am in constant agony and I keep passing out randomly. It was not ideal.

Another minor surgery and I am about 70% better with a few hours. 85% in a few days. By the end of the month, I feel a bit rough but all around a hell of a lot better.

I go to Manchester Uni to take part in a workshop around “Podcasting for Researchers”, it brings lots of insight but it made me realise that it would be a lot of work to do this early in my research and possibly ill-advised as effectively be recording possible bias or my own opinions. I do think about it for a later date though.

I also partake in the 3MT competition to get better at doing presentations under pressure. I don’t get shortlisted, this comes as no surprise as nerves took over and I didn’t discuss my research enough to get marked positively on that section. It does help my confidence though. Despite it going wrong, I survived and I got positive feedback that will help me master a better approach in future.

It feels like a postive end to the month despite it not going to plan for the majority of it.

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