This is where the monthly updates went to die for some reason, so I’m bringing it back with some late updates.

The application concept I created for my PhD looks likely to not materialise, this is because unfortunately, the build looked too complex for the students who were going to be building the application as part of their placement year. They did not have the right software or knowledge to build the application and wanted to push towards a web application. This didn’t meet my expectations or the needs of the project so it came to a standstill. I fully intend on picking up this issue later but for now, I need to focus on a more immediate plan to collect data.

I am always getting lost in literature and I am beginning to realise I am going to have a significant ‘dump file’. Let the cutting begin…

I attended a workshop hosted by the University on “Writing Conference Abstracts for PGR’s” which was incredibly useful. I did not realise there was so much that goes into writing an abstract and this has both informed me and opened my eyes to the realisation that I need to do further reading.

I attended the 3MT Final and watched my friend Samantha compete as one of the finalists in the competition. She did a great job but unfortunately did not win the competition due to the other fantastic finalists.

I got to be one of the students who tested out the University of Huddersfield’s new graduate website. The team have been working hard to create a brand refresh! It looks really great and the navigation is a lot simpler in comparison to the old site.

I finally got to watch Warhorse in theatre in Media City Salford, it was fantastic and definitely one I have wanted to see for a ridiculous amount of time.  The amount of work and effort put into creating this beautiful piece and concept blows my mind.

I worked another Postgraduate Open Day and got to say hello to loads of amazing prospective students. Though I absolutely love seeing people starting their journey into postgrad education, it will probably be my last time attending one of these events due to the commitments and needs I have at the moment. It’s also great to get students fresh from their first year in these positions because the pressures during later years can be quite difficult to manage.

The Cyber Security Team at the University of Huddersfield has expanded with a few new placement students, so we organised a small social get together at Pizza Hut to get to know one another and to discuss where we stand with our research and work currently.

In other non-PhD related news, we visited York to watch their Shakespeare in the Park event. We watch Midsummer Night’s dream in the sunshine with treats and good company. Absolutely loved the performance and the atmosphere was something else from every other theatre experience I’ve ever had.

I also attended my friends Graphic Design end of year show which I absolutely love attending! I’ve seen some excellent work every time I have gone to one these events and there are still some pieces that absolutely blow my mind. My friend Jade also won an award for her hard work. You can find her portfolio here.

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