I finally start getting back on top of things mentally but I am so behind otherwise.

I still have insomnia but I’m working on it!

Invigilating exams! Exam season starts again which usually means it’s time for everything to be quietening down on campus as people get serious.

I’m struggling through but I’m getting there too. I’m thinking about my options and what I need to prioritise whilst simultaneously battling health problems. It’s going to be ok I promise myself.

I finished off my ethics finally! I found some research that is REALLY interesting and I had a look at more of that researcher’s papers to find they are doing some amazing work in a related area to mine.

I make a list of places to publish to/aim for.

I relook at my literature review and cut things out from where I have gone off on a tangent.

I’m not fully well but I’m working little and often to get on top of what I can.

I attend the book launch at Deloitte in Manchester. This is for book chapters I wrote back in Summer with Bob’s Business Founder Melanie Oldham. The book is called Cyber Security Law and Guidance and it’s collated by Helen Wong MBE and published by Bloomsbury Professional. You can purchase an ebook version here. I co-wrote the first two chapters on Threats and Vulnerabilities.

I have a supervision meeting with my supervisors where I am honest about my struggles but reassure them I am doing everything I can to get on top of things in a healthy and constructive way. They are both very supportive and understanding and help me make a plan of attack moving forward.

Roll on December.

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