Could the UK lead the way to creating safe and ethical AI?

The UK will be working on a new advisory body, which was announced in the Autumn budget with hopes that the UK will take the lead in developing the co-ordination of moderation and regulation of artificial intelligence with other countries. The full article was originally published on the University of Huddersfield’s Academic Blog on 29th […]

There Is No Privacy Online, Get Over It -DataFloq Article

“Research produced by the University of Surrey, Australia released the interesting results of a survey about how respondents viewed privacy online. A survey of over 1,600 people commissioned by the digital rights and governance group concluded that nearly 40% of their respondents agreed with the statement. “There is no privacy, get over it.” However, respondent’s […]

How the KRACK attack destroys WiFi Security

The University of Huddersfield asked me to write an article regarding the recent KRACK Attack. “Once there was the assumption that if you followed the rules, encrypted your data, password protected your information and secured your internet connection your information would be somewhat safe online. Now in the recent spate of cybersecurity issues, the KRACK […]

The Uber Data Hack – University of Huddersfield Academic Article

The University of Huddersfield asked me to write an article regarding the recent announcement of the Uber data hack. ​​SMLXL  Photo by ISO Republic (via StockSnap) “Unfortunately, this news reveals a trend in which the dismissive and weak security procedures have not only resulted in user’s personal data being stolen but it has also validated […]

Snapchat for Small Businesses – MarketingZine

‘Snapchat now boasts over 150 million users on the app who consume over 10 billion videos on the platform daily. This opportunity means that many companies are launching exclusive campaigns on the platform with their own geo-filters, competitions or lenses. Inspiring users to become evangelists for their brand, products, and launches.’ ​​SMLXL  The full article […]